Heart: Circo, arte, música y teatro sobre un mismo plato

Music Theater

13 January 2016

Heart: Circus, art, music and theatre all on the same plate

Heart is a project developed between the Adrià brothers and Cirque du Soleil with which they explored the interaction between art, cuisine, music and theatre, in what was designed to be a unique and special experience for diners. It started at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, and was conceived as changing: both the kitchen and the performance changed periodically. It was not meant to be a restaurant or a circus, and not a dinner show either, but rather a triple concept of business and spaces.

It was implemented in three areas. A terrace, with a "casual" market of high-level street food stalls, in a "bohemian" atmosphere with music and live performances. The supper, for the fine-dining experience: far from the conventional restaurant format, it combined performing arts.  And a club for nightlife.