SaludArte batalló contra la obesidad infantil

Education Health

17 January 2016

SaludArte fighting against childhood obesity

The Colectivo Mexicano de Cocina, run by Enrique Olvera, contributes with SaludArte, a government programme that -from 2013- distributes free and healthy food to pupils at around 100 poor-performing primary schools with high levels of marginalisation, in order to cope with the obesity problem suffered by one third of adolescents in Mexico.

It implements a comprehensive education programme for life in poor-performing schools with high levels of marginalisation in Mexico City with which it seeks to consolidate an effective education model that also leads to being able to feed children for free on a daily basis with rich and nutritious alternatives.

The programme encourages children to understand what they should and should not eat, focusing on helping them make the right choices themselves and defending what they deserve. Accompanied by theatre, singing, dance and musical instrument classes, including activities to teach health and hygiene habits in practice, as well as 3 hours per week of physical activation, because part of the problem of obesity is lack of mobility and physical inactivity.

The meals are made at a central site following appropriate standards. It is packed and delivered to the schools, to be opened directly by the children.