Restaurants inside prisons become a success model of social reintegration

Fine dining establishments run by inmates gained ground in 2015. The Clink stood out at the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Restaurants Awards 2015 in the UK, while InGalera opens its doors in Italy.

In Cardiff Prison, inmates fully run a fine dining restaurant. What's more, the establishment stood out in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Restaurants Awards 2015, as one of the best in the UK, the only one in Wales in the selection and third place among the 989 restaurants in the city. The rating was based on the reviews posted on the website

The restaurant is part of The Clink Charity chain, which began in 2009, to promote an innovative model of rehabilitation and training initially involving inmates at High Down Prison in Surrey (UK). The success led to identical models opening in prisons in London, Cheshire and Wales, as well as opening a catering service where they offer the service outside the establishments. Additionally, the foundation launched The Clink Gardens at the H.M. Prison Send to educate women in the field of horticulture.  There, the female inmates grow food and raise animals which are then used in the restaurant chain.

This is not the only recent restaurant model in Europe managed in a prison. Near Milan, Bollate detention centre opened its doors in October 2015 to diners of InGalera. A cooperative called ABC La Sapienza in Tavola (Wisdom at the table) decided to take the initiative and invite the culinary school, Istituto Alberghiero Paolo Frisi, to collaborate to serve 52 stations and create jobs that offer a second chance to inmates.