Native products with value and history

Mater is an initiative of exploration and discovery that focuses on biodiversity, in which a multidisciplinary group of people (research, translation and anthropology, medicine and nutrition, photography...) cross Peru in search of new products and new stories. With the integration of different outlooks to contribute to a better distribution of the local pantry and a better understanding of their real dimension and potential.

Mater looks for native ingredients directly at their source and shares data from different perspectives and disciplines, recognising the value of native producers and the relationship they have with Peruvian gastronomy. Far from settling for taking advantage of the content of his research in his restaurant, Virgilio Martínez shares the information with those interested in accessing it from different areas of catering.

The team currently includes experts in cooking, research, ethnology, anthropology, medicine, nutrition, social development, business administration, baking, forestry and photography.