Mugaritz opens the Culinary Cinema section at the Berlinale


23 January 2016

Mugaritz opens the Culinary Cinema section at the Berlinale

The chef Andoni Luis Aduriz will present the documentary Campo a través. Mugaritz, intuyendo un camino (Off-road. Mugaritz, feeling the way) directed by La Fura dels Baus, at the acclaimed Berlin International Film Festival.

In his efforts to explore other realities, from the culinary perspective, the Basque chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is reaping new benefits with La Fura dels Baus, after Pep Gatell made the documentary Campo a través. Mugaritz, feeling the way, and being invited to the Berlinale.

From 14th to 19th, it will be the only Spanish film in the Culinary Cinema section, under the slogan "Make Food Not War" at the Berlin International Film Festival this year.

This film is described by its authors as "philosophical and ethological" with which the restaurant, with 2 Michelin stars in San Sebastián, paves the way for exchange with the Spanish theatre company founded in 1979.

In 2000, they made the Degustación de Titus Andronicus, based on a play by Shakespeare. In 2012, they made Macaron de caza, a 4-minute long short film referring to the ancestry of the ingredients, blood and hunting. Meanwhile, in 2013, it was the turn of TABA, a short film with which they aimed to express the importance they give to play at the table. Now this 65-minute production with which they aim to explain the world of Mugaritz from the inside, from the intuition of its entrails.

It is not the first time that Mugaritz has been invited to Berlinarde. In 2012, it had the opportunity to present Mugaritz B.S.O, the musical-culinary project made with Felipe Ugarte and Juantxo Sardon in 2012. This time, Andoni Luis Aduriz served a menu inspired by the film, as will Sven Elverfeld, Michael Kempf, Sonja Frühsammer and Alexander Dressel with their works, at the Gropius Mirror restaurant.

The Berlinale programme will also include the films Noma - My Perfect Storm, by Pierre Deschamps, and the Singapore docufiction Wanton Mee, by Eric Khoo. In addition, those attending can see Cooked - Fire / Air, by Alex Gibney and Ryan Miller, In Defense of Food, by Michael Schwarz, and Kivalina, by Gina Abatemarco. Ants on a Shrimp, by Maurice Dekkers, Need for Meat, by Marijn Frank and Portret van een tuin, by Rosie Stapel, among others.

"In principle, cuisine and theatre have no particular links. Luckily, what makes Mugaritz is not only cuisine, and what makes La Fura dels Baus is not only theatre. It is perhaps that difference with their respective worlds what joins them. They are two constantly evolving teams, whose rudders have always centred on the most creative and disruptive direction, and that, at the same time, most makes them grow and evolve, having an inevitable impact on anyone who participated in their proposal. As the member of La Fura rejects the jurisdiction of the stage, the chef exceeds the muga in each recipe", says the declaration of principles of Campo a través.