Foodpairing: la ciencia de combinar sin límites


07 January 2016

Foodpairing: the science of endless combinations

Perhaps technology was born to make things easier or most complex for us, who knows, what we do know is that it brings knowledge closer to us, to give us more tools and, therefore, more solutions. With this in mind, the scientist Bernard Lahousse created Foodpairing, a platform where science studies the possible combinations of ingredients to form a database which provides alternative pairings based on the identification of aromatic molecules in common.

For Foodpairing the most important sense is smell - "when we eat, only 20% of our experience is related to taste and touch". Hence, his work focuses on creating algorithms to establish possibilities depending on the aromatic profile of the ingredients that are considered in an equation, using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MSD).

With this, he is given freer rein in the kitchen, to challenge the known and dare to use references that seem incompatible, but are not, both in scientific theory and culinary practice.

It works via a website. Users choose between different levels of use. The first  -the only free one- lets you explore 50 ingredients for food and another 50 for drinks. The next one widens the spectrum to 250 for food and 100 for drinks.  The "Pro" option provides over 1,000 ingredients for food and 250 for drinks. And so on.